UNSCRIPTD Cities: Philly

Next Event:


Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: TBD, Philadelphia, PA

Description: UNSCRIPTD Cities: Philly is a recurring series of networking events for millennials of all industries. We are creating a space to CREATE in the community that we live in. So join us in Philly to meet other creators and learn the stories of each other’s journeys!

Please RSVP here: TBD

Interested in joining other millennial creators in Philadelphia? Sign-up here for more info and event updates for UNSCRIPTD Cities: Philly!


Our UNSCRIPTD Cities: Philly host is U-Cities Host Carrera Santiago! Any questions for the Philly group, email contact@anunscriptdjourney.com with subject line “Philly- Carrera.”


Live in another city but want to join our new network of creators? Shoot over an email to contact@anunscriptdjourney.com and we can make that happen and talk about bringing UNSCRIPTD Cities to YOUR city!

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