Join An UNSCRIPTD Journey as we launch UNSCRIPTD Cities — a recurring series of events for millennials of all industries held in YOUR city! Now is the time for millennials to come together and CREATE meaningful and impactful changes in the communities we live in! Watch our promo video and sign-up for details on upcoming events!


Interested in joining other millennial creators? Check here for info on UNSCRIPTD Cities: LA, here for UNSCRIPTD Cities: NYC, or here for UNSCRIPTD Cities: Philly. Live in another city but want to join our network of creators? Shoot over an email to contact@anunscriptdjourney.com and we can talk about bringing UNSCRIPTD Cities to YOUR city!

Want to learn about some millennial statistics? Check out these awesome infographics put together by Goldman Sachs here……but remember, you are NOT defined by statistics, everyone’s journey is unique and UNSCRIPTD!

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