Rise Again

Here is An UNSCRIPTD Journey written by Alex Carter: “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life..” ~J.K. Rowling Here’s the current situation, I’m at home in Virginia with my wife, Ariana, and her family. We are where we are now, learning from mistakes I made and looking ahead to the... Continue Reading →

The Privilege of Success

Originally published on Jopwell’s, The Well | Images by Vivian Dang and Samuel Cain Here is An UNSCRIPTD Journey written by Akintunde Ahmad: When I graduated high school, bound for Yale University, I was told again and again that I — a young, Black, urban male — was the perfect example of “beating the odds.” I had successfully navigated... Continue Reading →

One-Year: GO

Here is An UNSCRIPTD Journey written by Tom Callahan: I’ve changed. My interests, my appearance, how I speak, you name it, I’ve changed. One year ago, I quit my job in Chicago, hopped on a plane to London, and had no idea what I was doing. I took a two-month solo trip to Europe, and... Continue Reading →

An Unsuccessful Formula

Here is An UNSCRIPTD Journey written by Brandon Blackshear: When Trevor Bell asked me to write this article, I think he expected something a little different. He was probably looking for the typical rags to riches type story. An inspirational drama. Something about overcoming my struggles and achieving success. Maybe I could talk about getting... Continue Reading →

Always Wandering, Never Lost

Here is An UNSCRIPTD Journey written by Allison Temnick: When I was asked to write a post for An Unscriptd Journey my first reaction was to laugh, because my life has certainly appeared to be unscripted at times. I am only 27 years old, but I have lived in seven states and two countries. I... Continue Reading →

Life Unscriptd

Here is An UNSCRIPTD Journey written by Mark Tattory: Things have been hectic.  The unpredictable is the only worthwhile prediction.  Life doesn’t have spoilers, so what we are forced to deal with is the hand we're dealt.  But that’s exactly what makes it exciting, the mountains and valleys along the way that must be traversed.... Continue Reading →

Faith Over Fear

Here is An UNSCRIPTD Journey written by Kenneth Hicks: It was the early evening of a weekday as I sat on my bed, beginning my homework for the night. I had my door open as I waited to hear my mom enter our apartment. She worked at the middle school I went to, so she... Continue Reading →

Me Myself and I

Here is An UNSCRIPTD Journey written by Cam Molina: To all those twenty-somethings who have found themselves post-graduation not knowing what the f*** is going on or what the f*** life is about: please know that you are not alone. Having been done with college for a full year now, I can honestly tell you that I... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of a Dream

Here is An UNSCRIPTD Journey written by Daria Greeno: “The future belongs to those, who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”   The quote above was shared with me by a good friend and mentor. It really resonated with me as I remembered the time when I decided to follow my own dreams, leaving... Continue Reading →

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