Créer des barriers de confiance et de combat

Here is An UNSCRIPTD Journey written by Kobe Borden:


Imagine you read this section about a person- He rarely uses Netflix, No Twitter, NO IG, but uses Snapchat. He also didn’t grow up watching movies or dabbling into comics, yet he found time for hip hop music and built a passion for technology. Because of his passion for being a Mets and OKC fan, he considers himself an underdog sports guru. One may think he’s weird, non-athletic, a nerd, clown, or a typical “a millennial.” Truth be told I ‘d rather be a different breed kudos to natural selection. All jokes aside I am here living, due to luck, grit, and rejection.


Growing up in the Bronx living on Elder Avenue, was safe until the death of my grandmother. RIP! It hurt me seeing and hearing the visuals of her collapse, trying to cash a check that was towards the monthly rent.  After my mom helped finance the funeral, we had no place to call home. The nights of cold and bitter sorrow transcended into a dispute over the apartment ownership. Eventually mom hustled on her own and was able to find us a residence in East Harlem. This experience impacted by mom because she lacked an emotional family support network. Remember life is an opportunity to learn and develop skills needed to become a well-rounded individual.

Years later it daunts me that my family has separated over this issue.  I rarely see any family. People have gone their separate ways, yet my mom struggles with her past experiences. A promising fencing and track athlete that faced homelessness, later discovered at Stuyvesant that living in a shelter was unacceptable due to guidelines (so she left her sophomore year), but still earned a conditional acceptance to LSU and NYU. The lack of parental guidance was apparent during high school, when she fled another school due to gang violence and home instability. I share this because my mother has saved me struggle, even as my father could care less.


I remember the stack of dollar bills that seemed quite endless in 2006. The days of going outside to acquire the “Freshest Gear or Jays”, followed by a “chop cheese”, with an iced tea, and Swedish Fish. These were typical summer days and nights after playing sports and tag. Many friends either had a father associated with death, prison and or street gangs. I saw my pops work double shifts each day, to support himself and save for a residence.  My mother struggled with an autistic son, and wrongful death lawsuit, but even she managed this experience I was made a difficult choice leaving my younger brothers, to pursue a better experience. After being initially in foster care after a “parental breakdown,” I moved to Vermont and was adopted. Eventually I started to build more confidence academically, and that changed my trajectory It was tough seeing my family struggling financially, while life was relaxing. Even through I came back on a mission, it was tough readjusting due to ACS activity within my home. Unfortunately, another disagreement culminated in returning to the system, leaving me to “Trust the Process”. It is ironic because the real ‘’ Kobe Bryant ‘’is retired. Years later I have been shuttling between residences, for a variety of reasons yet to be disclosed to fans.

Kobe Borden, is a rising social entrepreneur. Growing up in foster care surrounded by family strife due to social economic instabilities, education has always been the key figure within each environment.  Education varied between being the nerd or occasional jokester, yet it never to the extent of poor academic performance. Whether I was watching cable get wired in my home or learning about finances in the supermarket. I remember the days of making sure groceries were paid spot on. Such memories include purchasing a newspaper along, with a roll of Italian Bread for Sunday’s Breakfast. The meal featured this bread along with the Banquet Brown ‘N Serve Sausage Links.

dream big

The hard days of working one or two jobs in high school, to keep food in my stomach. I never quite made time for TV, Movies and Amazon Shopping, maybe the occasional sports highlights did just fine. Currently I am working on variety of streams to build networks for my family through “Hustling” – an effective fourth quarter strategy. It took me a while to understand this platform. In fact, when I was called a “hustler” by Troy- my current mentor /adopted father- I felt outraged and sad. I looked at it as racial barrier rather than an indication of the grind or time it took for me to reach a solid plateau.  However, I never seek to be absent from racial digressions since nothing phases me.  Such examples include an even record of 20 rejections this past four months for internships, jobs, – despite a solid resume of JPM and EY, under the age of 20.


Even with my experience + leadership work, financial burdens remain.  Everyone in my family still embraces the reality of quality education. I have acquired the patience to talk, listen, and share this “story”. I am a mold of both mom and dad, meaning that my brain is a microcosm of both experiences. Parents supported college but didn’t finish for personal reasons, yet freedom has allowed me to understand education beyond classrooms. Right now, I am at a crossroads, having gone to Two Universities, being a part of multiple programs, dreams of debt, and the desire to work already. Besides this I have been thinking about joining the army reserves, and serving through military experience, I have always wanted to work in civil services as a USA citizen. However, I want to build computer background, so I might attend a software engineering program in California. Both endeavors have solid upside through networking, challenges, and opportunities, but school will be missed – which temporarily impacts future experiences.

“I will finish college, but part of me hates the rhetoric of getting that degree-(9-5 job, marriage, and kids); which is typically installed in brains like a sports logo.”

I have nothing against this, but its feels life is predetermined, ethically this is absurd. I follow the 80 -20 rules, with four pillars of integrity, honor, passion, and dedication within my professional and educational endeavors. As an independent free-thinking philosopher, I enjoy talking, reading, and debating anything such as sports, fashion, engineering, technology, finance, current events, and issues affecting society.


“So , live. Live. Fight like hell. And when you get too tired to fight then lay down and let somebody else fight for you.” ~Stuart Scott

Even though I am focusing on economics and finance /math, it bothers me to see struggle both political and economically in diverse America. Secondly society has become focused on personal vs community or like vs dislike. Feelings and opinions matter obviously, but blunt factual evidence suggesting that opinions should be valued, more than improving our economy is detrimental. Our society has embraced opinion vs the desire, rather than provide opportunities for all people.  How often you hear “It doesn’t affect me”, well life isn’t about you, so this statement is false. Immigration is hot button issue and a majority of people are immigrants so how you got here is irrelevant. People are “suffering’’ in their thoughts, instead of creating change. My idea is to create some sort of educational balance to fuel change. College is more than Netflix, Sleeping and Hangovers, its about being willing to be uncomfortable by challenging stereotypes and bureaucracy.  I am willing to be a martyr, (MLK, JFK, NM, HT, JR, JB and others) so ensure future generations see healthcare, working transportation, minimum wage, and other opportunities regardless of government bureaucracy.


Simply put; I wanted to an architect of global awareness, while creating dialogue probably through a social enterprise and website. I’m actively involved with Imentor, Project Go, All Stars Project. Therefore, I am determined to continue striving towards rebuilding my community in East Harlem, while preparing the next generation of leaders.

“I may not be the strongest, wisest, perhaps a “liberalist /socialist”, but my experience doesn’t end with a piece of paper, rather it begins with my hearts passion for excellence”.


I call upon readers, educators, and students to use this story/experience as a platform to, make amends with society and go forward. I have some sort of plan, maybe a Financial Engineer, Commencement Speaker, NBA coach, or News Anchor. I view life through these lenses below! Goals are intermediate, and life is a marathon, I keep walking every day- days become years- years become decades- dreams becomes visions-, visions become reality, = Journey.

This is my UNSCRIPTD Journey,


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