Life Unscriptd

Here is An UNSCRIPTD Journey written by Mark Tattory:

Things have been hectic.  The unpredictable is the only worthwhile prediction.  Life doesn’t have spoilers, so what we are forced to deal with is the hand we’re dealt.  But that’s exactly what makes it exciting, the mountains and valleys along the way that must be traversed.  Humanity has found itself on rough terrain as of late.  However, the one constant that absolutely must endure if we have any hope of regaining more even-footing- any hope of maintaining our dwindling humanity and upholding the unspoken contract that binds us to the person next to us, the hope for prosperity and happiness- that constant is this: love others as you would love your own.

There’s reason why schoolchildren, still learning how to grasp abstract principles, are immediately introduced to the “golden rule”.  It has formed the backbone of moral thought for thousands of years- both of religious and secular origin.  The ability to love and care for the person next to us is, quite frankly, the main barrier between humanity and an unforgiving state of nature.  The path has become rough and jagged, the temptation to hop the barrier has overcome some.  But it has not yet overcome the many.


The man riding his bike on the side of the road because his license is suspended is you.  The single mother with three children and just as many jobs struggling a way to find a way to get her youngest child the medical care he desperately needs is you.  The family who worked their whole lives and entrusted their livelihood to one job, who suddenly saw that livelihood disappear and friends and neighbors descend into the endless pit of despair that is drug abuse, that is your family.  The minority that feels themselves to be unwelcome in their home, their feelings of uneasiness growing everyday, why couldn’t that be you?  Why isn’t that you?

To say that we can all band together as one to create a better tomorrow for everyone is probably a misguided, romantic proposition- and most certainly a Lennon rip off.  But, to give up hope in that very proposition and allow yourself to contemplatively approach the barrier guarding against incivility is to give up the very thing that makes us human.  What we can do, and must make a concerted effort to do, is to view the world as a little smaller- to view our differences, deemed irreconcilable by some, undoubtedly, as the very thing that make the mountain hikes and valley descents of life beautiful.  When we view our neighbor as ourselves and treat them as such, the soul of humanity is invigorated to press onward.


This is may not be a message for all, but it is a message for many, and it is a message for you.  Wherever life takes you, never forget that we are all here, fighting for the same things.  When you do that, you feel what it means to be truly human.        

This is how I live my UNSCRIPTD Journey,

Mark Tattory Sig

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